About Us

Ratash - Democracy of Handicraft

Who we are:

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We are one of the top 20 start-ups started in 2014, selected by Exhibit Magazine powerred by NASSCOM. We have been trusted by Amazon India so have been authorized to use their payment gateway. We have started on April 2014 with the objective of making Indian handicrafts products available online. The industry which has its unique relation to our country INDIA, is spread all over the country and we would like that Ratash will be the reachable source to this industry for everyone.

How did Ratash get started:

Our passion travelling led us to different states of our country, India. You can not imagine and understand India until you haven't experienced its handmade crafts. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the handicraft are the backbone of our nation since they not only represent the beauty, the culture, the values, the attitude, the sense, way of life, colourful and bright nature of Indian people but also generates huge local and self employment in length & the breath of the country.




The Idea:

We merge Made in India with Make in India. We already adopted the beautiful initiative by our prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi about Make in India. This beauty is not in the reach of everybody. In-spite of being attached with popular and growing idea, we found a need to introduce the technology and organized structure for this industry to breathe, in today’s India. Taking this interesting business to online is an endeavour to create a greater market by giving this already established the local crafts business a step ahead towards technology. These products are limited to rural and local areas. We want to bridge the gap and rebirth this market with the help of technology to save our heritage.



The story behind Ratash’s products:

We want that this art and the artisans will live their life in a better way. We totally support women empowerment and trying to create trust on our artisans and on their art. We make some bunch of products which have unique style and different fabrics. The people behind these products will get full exposure to enhance their talent.

Ratash’s creative inspiration:

India, this country and its roots are the biggest inspiration for us.

Ratash Mision:

To give the face of Indian handicraft industry worldwide and make this un-organized industry into organized set-up.

What motivates Ratash:

“Dilo mai apni betabiyan lekar chal rahe ho toh zinda ho tum” means “If you carry your restlessness in your heart, then you are alive”.